Creating and editing leaderboard groups will be easier than ever with our most recent platform update.  We have removed the old way of creating leaderboards and made the process much simpler.  Leaderboards have now been merged with Groups within the Mindmarker Administrative portal.  The same way that you would create and edit Groups, will now be how simple and easy it is to create leaderboards. 

Administrative view of the updated Groups tab in the Participant module. Any groups that have been marked to act as a leaderboard will be clearly marked as shown below. 


From a participants perspective in the Mindmarker mobile app, you can see they have the option to view multiple leaderboards by simply swiping left or right. 




Configure leaderboards for a Program

Turning on a leaderboard (or turning off) happens in the Program module. To make adjustments, go to the Program module, locate the program(s) you want to adjust, click the Option to Edit Program.  Here you will see the screen shown below, where you have the ability to turn a leaderboard on or off.   Once you select to Save changes, this change will go into effect. 



Configure group to behave as Leaderboard

You can turn any currently existing groups into a leaderboard with 1 quick action. In the Participant module, go to your Groups tab and locate the already existing group that you would like to behave as a leaderboard.  Select Group Options, and then Edit group.  You will now notice a checkbox to activate this group as a leaderboard.  You can also select this option in the initial steps when creating a brand new group. Do note, you can turn the leaderboard on/off for any group at any time you wish. 



Common questions

> If a participant is in group, that has the leaderboard option selected, will the leaderboard always show?

The leaderboard will only show for programs that the participant is enrolled in, that also have the leaderboard option selected.  For example - John Smith is enrolled in Program A (leaderboard turned on at program level) and Program B (leaderboard turned off at program level). He is placed in the Sales Group that has the leaderboard function turned on.  John will only see the leaderboard for Program A in his app as this is the only program he is enrolled in with an active leaderboard. 

> Can participant be in multiple leaderboards?

Absolutely! With the update of Groups acting as leaderboards, participants are able to be placed in as many groups that have leaderboards activated as you would like.  The mobile app image at the top of this page shows how this will look to the participants. 

> Will leaderboards automatically update?

As leaderboards are now acting in the same manner groups do, yes, leaderboards will automatically be updated as new participants are added.  This also includes if you have a group connected to a program code.  Anytime a participant accesses the program with the created code they will be automatically placed in the group. 

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