Renew Participant Licenses



When a participant's license has expired, you now have the ability to renew that license directly in your Mindmarker Client portal.  This will allow your participant(s) to continue on their Mindmarker Learning Journey.  

  • Start in the Participant Module.
  • The first thing you will want to look for is your organizations available license count.  Are there enough licenses available to renew the participants you want to renew? *Do note, when renewing participant licenses, it will pull from your organizations available license count. 




  • If your organization does not have enough licenses, you can order additional licenses at any time. 
  • Once in a program, you will see the field License Status.  This will easily callout any participants that are currently expired in your portal. 




  • Once you locate the participant(s) you would like to renew, select them by placing a check next to their name and click the Renew License icon in the upper right corner.



  • Click Confirm, and you will have successfully renewed your participants license.









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