Behavioral Assessments Best Practices


To help you get started with Mindmarker’s new Behavioral Assessments, we have created some helpful tips. 


Design Tips:

  • We’ve included 15 Likert Rating Scales for you to choose from when creating a new Behavioral Assessment.
  • When a Behavioral Assessment is used multiple times, it will assist in showing the change in behavior. 
  • Start your Assessment with a Message Mindmarker to inform your learners on what they have to do and why. A great way to motivate them.
  • You have the ability to use a different Rating Scale Question (likert scale) for each question asked in your Behavioral Assessment. 
  • You can add Assessment conditionals that will guide your learners to their individual learning paths based on their Assessment scores.
  • If you want to use the Assessment you have created in multiple reinforcement programs, simply copy it and link to it with an assessment switcher in your new reinforcement program.
  • Once a Behavioral Assessment has been received by at least 1 of your learners, you can no longer:
    • Add or delete a new Message Mindmarker or question to the Assessment
    • Edit the weight value of a Message Mindmarker or question
  • If you would like to make changes or edits to a Behavioral Assessment that already has learners, you can:
    • Make a copy of the Assessment (placing it in the Learning Journey of your choice)
    • Rename it for easy identification  
    • Make your edits and changes, and you are ready to add to a Reinforcement Program
  • Please be aware that if you remove a learner from a Reinforcement Program that has a Behavioral Assessment(s) linked to it, the results for the Behavioral Assessment(s) will be removed as well.
  • If you delete a Reinforcement Program that includes a Behavioral Assessment, all results of the Assessment will be lost. 


Participant Tips:

  • Once you have created your Behavioral Assessment learners will simply receive a notification to complete the Assessment. You do not need to invite learners or create a code to start an Assessment.
  • Learners will receive the questions from your Assessment all at once. They will  need to answer all the questions to complete the Assessment.
  • If you have scheduled your Behavioral Assessment to be completed multiple times, your learners will be able to compare their scores from each Behavioral Assessment in the app. There is a special icon at the bottom of the app where they can pull up any Assessment they have completed and compare scores.  


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