Using Resource Shortcodes


You now have the capability to easily refer participants to a specific Resource from within a Mindmarker by using Shortcodes. Using a Shortcode within a Mindmarker will allow a participant to click on and view a specific Resource without having to go to the Resources section and locate it.  To take advantage of this new feature, please view the step by step guide below!


The Resource Shortcode will appear after Resources have been created on the Resource Edit screen (For existing Resources, you can simply edit to view):


  1. Here, you can easily copy this Shortcode with the COPY button. You will receive a confirmation that the Shortcode was copied.
  2. Shortcodes can be placed in any Reinforcement Program Mindmarker within the following fields:
    1. Introduction 
    2. Body 
    3. Feedback 
    4. Explanation
  3. Shortcodes cannot be used in the following fields:
    1. Mindmarker Title 
    2. Question field
    3. Keywords 
    4. Answer Options 
  4. You can use Shortcodes to switch from Mindmarker to: 
    1. Resource connected to the current Program
    2. Resource connected to a different Program within same Learning Journey (if participants are invited to this Program)
    3. Resource connected to a different Program within a different Learning Journey (if participants are invited to this Program)
  5. Unlocking Resources - If you would like to use a Shortcode to link to a Resource within a Category that should be Unlocked with the current Mindmarker or Question: 
    1. For an Assignment/Evaluation and Learning/Pitfall Mindmarker, the Resource will be unlocked before the Mindmarker is completed.
    2. For Questions (quiz, survey, open), Resources will be unlocked only after the Answer is submitted. The Shortcode can be used in the Feedback field (where applicable) or in the next Mindmarker.
  6. Shortcodes can be also used within a Resource to link from one Resource to another (acting like a chain).
  7. When making a Program Copy - Note that shortcodes in Program Level Resources will not work for copied Programs. Updates for these shortcodes would need to be made manually.
  8. Shortcodes for Assessments - Since Assessments do not have Resources, Shortcodes cannot be used for their Mindmarkers/Questions/Switchers.


For information on Unlocking Resources, refer to our article Unlocking Resources


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