Unlocking Resources


Unlock additional learning! Learners are now able to access particular Microlearning elements based on their progress in a reinforcement program. 

Customizable, category-specific Microlearning elements can be unlocked at various milestones in a program to increase engagement, skill performance and overall behavior change.  Once unlocked, this content is available to learners on-demand for additional support, knowledge transfer and application. 


To set up this Microlearning element, navigate to the Program Design Module.  Once there, first select the desired Program, and then select to Edit the specific Mindmarker that you would like to add this element to.  

Once in the Mindmarker you will see a Microlearning heading with a check box below. Checking this box will then provide the available Resource Categories that you would like to be Unlocked by the participant reaching this specific Mindmarker.  Please note - for this feature, the Resource Category must be set to the specific program you are using, and not set to All Programs

Once you have made your selection, and have completed all required fields in the Mindmarker, select Save changes to complete.  





For information on Resource Shortcodes, refer to our article Using Resource Shortcodes

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