How to Create an Assessment


Using an Assessment in your program is an excellent way to measure knowledge levels and use its results to create an individualized Learning Journey based on the knowledge of your learner. You can use Assessments pre-class, at the beginning of the Program, midway or even at the end of your Program.   

Once in the Program Module, select the '+' icon to the right of the screen to create a new Assessment Program. Create a title and select which Learning Journey you would like to assign the Assessment to. Select Save to continue.  Select Save to continue. 

To add a Mindmarker to this new Assessment, select the '+' icon to the right to see your Mindmarker options.  Below is a list of Mindmarkers you can use in your assessment: 




Measure Knowledge - Quiz Question - This Mindmarker has a specific right or wrong answer and is designed to measure knowledge.

Assessment Switcher - This enables you to place conditions on assessments. You can set what specific program a participant will receive next, based on their score. For example, if a score is low on your knowledge quiz questions, you may want to send additional learning about the area of knowledge before progressing to the next part of the Learning Journey. You are able to define what score will lead participants to a specific Program(s).  See additional information on Adding an Assessment Switcher to an Assessment.

Program Switcher – Using this Switcher allows you to provide options to the participant to select which Program he or she would like to follow next. - See additional information on Adding a Program Switcher

Assignment/Evaluation - This Mindmarker provides the opportunity for the participant to practice, evaluate, etc. You can use text, images, videos, and even links to materials. It does not require the participant to input anything into the system.


You will notice when creating/adding Mindmarkers to an Assessment that you do not need to provide any timing or frequency for the individual Mindmarkers. This is because with an Assessment, all Mindmarkers will be sent to the participant at once to complete.  The weight of the Mindmarkers is tied to the score the participants will receive when completing each of the Mindmarkers. The Minimum and Maximum score indication will help you to set the parameters for your Assessment Switcher. See additional information on Adding an Assessment Switcher to an Assessment.

Participants will receive the Mindmarkers in the order you have them listed (from top to bottom), To change the order, click the arrows on the left-hand side to move a Mindmarker up or down.


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