Adding an Assessment Switcher to your Assessment



In the Mindmarker Client Portal, you have access to create/add Assessment Switchers to your Assessments. When a Switcher is placed at the end of an Assessment, it automatically sends participants to their next program based on the scoring parameters you define.


  • Start in the Program Design Module.
  • Click the Assessment you would like to add the Switcher to.
  • Click the ‘+’ icon to add a new Mindmarker (the Switcher) to the program.




  • Select Assessment Switcher from the list of possible Mindmarker’s to add.







  • In the Description, populate the message you would like the participants to see as they are moving to their new program. 
  • Select Add new condition to your Result actions.
    • You are able to define where participants go, based on their Assessment score. If a participant's Assessment score is higher/lower/between/equal to X score, they will be placed in the program you define. Repeat as needed.
    • You also have the option to select a program for participants to enroll in if none of the above defined conditions are met.
  • Press Save Changes to confirm. 


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