Adding languages to Programs


You now have the ability to add additional languages to your current, and new programs within the Mindmarker client portal! 

The first thing you want to be sure to do, is make sure your client portal is 'set up' for the language you would like to use in your program. If you do not see the language you would like to use listed in your portal, reach out to your Mindmarker contact to add the language to your portal (we currently support 21 languages). 

Once you have the language available in your portal...the process is simple.  After you have created a new program, or selected a current program, edit the program and select Language Configuration.  From there, select the language you want added from the drop down box, and select add language.  See images below.. 



You will see this language option as you are creating your Mindmarkers. You need to have all language boxes filled out before you are able to save the Mindmarker.  *You must always have content in the English tab, even if that content is the same as your secondary language. 

Another item to note, when adding a media file, you will need to add the file to each language.  The file does not need to be the same for each language. 



Once all created Mindmarkers reflect all languages being used you are able to publish your program! As you can see in the image below, if all created Mindmarkers do not reflect both languages (in example, English and Dutch) you will not be able to publish the Dutch language. 



 Once all Mindmarkers are ready to go you will be able to click Publish to finish the process.  



After your newly added language is published, you will be able to select the new language as an option when inviting your participants. 

For a full list of supported languages, click HERE





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