Invite multiple participants


When inviting multiple participants by email instead of using a code, you will need to add the participants to the participant module. When in the Client Portal, you will click on the “Participants” tab on the main page. This will open a new window for your Participant Module. On the top tool bar click “Programs” on the left side.

The next screen shows you the current programs you have uploaded. Next to the program you want to add participants to, you will click on “Program Options” and choose– “Upload Multiple Participants”. You will find the multiple participant upload form available to download on this screen. Either copy or add the participants’ details to the downloaded file and save it. Click “Choose File” to select your saved document and upload it. Click “Validate File” . This will verify the correctness of the fields you entered. The next screen will ask you to clarify any errors (if there are any). Once this is done you may click “Complete Upload” to finish.

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