Create a program test code


There are now 2 ways to create a test code:

#1 - When in the Program Module, locate the Program you would like to create a code for. To the far right, click "Options" - this will give you the choice to "Create test code". Once you click Create test code, the system will show your system generated code. Using this code, all created Mindmarkers will be loaded and available to you at login so you may scroll through and test. You can view this code and/or make edits to the details in the Participants Module if needed.  



#2 - When in the Client Portal, you will click on the “Participants” tab on the main page. This will open a new window for your Participant Module. On the top tool bar click “Codes” on the right side. The next screen shows you the current programs you have uploaded. Next to the program you want to create a code for, you will click on “Options” and choose – “Create test code”. On this next screen you are asked for some additional required details to create your code. 



When selecting your code options, for Content Distribution, select All content at once to ensure your test code will send all Mindmarkers at once. Sending all Mindmarkers at once means all created Mindmarkers will be loaded and available at login so you may scroll through and test.  To make sure the test users emails are available for any future programs, you now have the option to select "auto-delete after" to ensure the system deletes these testing accounts once testing is complete (days specified as shown below).  If they are not deleted from the system, the user may have difficulties entering into the actual program as they will be counted as already 'registered'. 

* When using a test code, always be sure to use a fake/dummy email address.  This will ensure that you have no issues when trying to gain access to a 'regular' program.  





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