What is a Score report?


Our points system will give you and your participants insights on how they are performing, compared to the ideal learning journey.

How to run a Score Report:

When in the Manager Dashboard, click on the “Points” widget on the main screen. 



 This will automatically open the Score report for the designated group you would like to view.  2 items you will see after you run this report, are the Program Overview, and the rank of all participants in the program which can be sorted by score, rank, or Mindmarkers completed. 




This information can be exported into an excel document to create a leaderboard that is sharable with internal managers or also with participants if desired. 


HOW DO POINTS WORK? If your participants answer all questions correctly and complete all Mindmarkers upon receipt, they will receive the maximum amount of points. Participants can look on the App dashboard to see points earned and their total score. 




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