Creating Repeating Survey Questions in your program


To measure behavior change we use repeating survey questions. Basically, you would ask the same survey question at different times during the Reinforcement Program. These questions will provide you insights in self reported behavior change and how these behaviors are changing over time. 

To create a repeating survey question in the Program Design Module, navigate to the Program Module and select the program you are creating.  Select the Options button next to the created Survey question that you would like repeated (shown below).  Scroll down and select 'Copy' from the list.  You will then be prompted to enter in the Day/Time you would like this question repeated.  To repeat this question multiple times, simply follow these steps again until you have all created.  See Using Surveys and Reinforcement Objectives on how to use repeating survey questions to measure behavior change. 



The Behavior Change Analysis allows you to compare the answers that participants provided on repeating survey questions in a reinforcement program.  Follow this link to learn how to pull the Behavior Change Analysis. 

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