Pulling a report from the manager dashboard


The new Dashboard is designed for managers to get a quick program overview of participant’s status, progress, knowledge and points. 

Pulling a report via the new manager dashboard is a simple task.  After navigating to the main page of the Client Portal you will see all Programs listed with a set of widgets below. These widgets are program analytics that can not only be viewed as a snapshot, but you can also run reports quickly with 1 click of the button.

The 4 reports that are represented in the dashboard are Status, Progress, Knowledge (Quiz questions), and Points reports.

When in the dashboard, you can quickly run the report by clicking the square with the arrow pointing out in it as shown below.  This will open that report for you to fully view and export the details if you would like.  


You are also able to select which Group of participants you would like to view in these reports.  On the right corner (shown below) you will see an icon with All participants.  Clicking here will show you any additional participant groups that you have created and would like to view in the dashboard. 


Admins are able to hide a specific program from the dashboard view by clicking the eye crossed out icon shown below.

Admins will now have the ability to subscribe to automated weekly email updates reminding you to check your program reports. The email contains a button allowing you to quickly and easily login to view the reports. 

You will be able to easily Subscribe and Unsubscribe to these email updates for each of your programs. Click on the mail icon on the top right side of the Management Dashboard to change subscription status.




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