Using Program Templates


A good design of a reinforcement program starts with a solid structure. As you know reinforcement is NOT re-training. So avoid cutting your training materials into pieces and sending that out. This will just create a short term reminder program, and reinforcement is so much more.

We created a set of templates to help you design a well thought out combination of different types of Mindmarkers that drives behavior change and impact in your organization. In order to choose the right template, ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. How many Reinforcement objectives do I have?
  2. How long do I want the program to be?

Refer to Reinforcement Objectives for more information. As soon as you know the answers to these questions, selecting the correct template is easy. Mindmarker has created templates for 8 and 12 week programs and for 1, 2 and 3 objectives. In these templates the weeks, days, time, and weight (the importance of a Mindmarker in the total program) are processed. These templates are based on best practices and over 10 years of experience. Make combinations or write your own Mindmarkers as you wish, after all you are the Subject Matter Expert!
We have also developed a 2 week demo template. You can use this template to easily demonstrate all variations of the program within your organization. This template is not a reinforcement program but a demo.
Enjoy working with these templates. Check this site frequently, because we are always updating this with new information and of course templates!

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