Creating a new Measure Knowledge question


Select the program you want to work on. Click on the “+” icon on the top right hand corner. Select “Measure Knowledge” and press “Confirm”.

Enter the week, day, and time of when you want the Mindmarker to be sent. If you are sending more than one question on the exact same time and date, you need to specify in what order they will be sent in the Order field. Press “Confirm”.

Assign a weight to the Quiz question to reflect the importance of the question. For more details on how to use weights, please click here.

Add the text for the introduction of the question. Participants will see the introduction before they will see the actual question and it is used to set the stage for the question.

Add the title for this Mindmarker and create the text for the body. Use bold, cursive and •bullet points to enhance your text.

You can also add links in the text to direct users to additional content. To add a link, select “Insert/edit link” in the menu bar above the text block. Insert the url and the text of how you want this to appear in the Mindmarker for the participants. You can add a title and select if you want the link to open in the current screen (recommended) or select to open the link in a new screen. Once you have completed these fields select “OK” to save.

To attach a picture, video or other file type, click on “Select media file”. You can choose from the files you have already uploaded, or you can select the “Upload” button on the top left hand side to upload images. To upload files, drag and drop or browse to select the file. The file will be downloaded and added to your library. If the file is too large or does not meet our media requirements, the system will indicate that the file failed to download. 

Add the text for the actual question. Remember to keep it short and clear.

Add the text for the explanation. This will be the text that a participant will see once he/she has answered the question. It’s an excellent way to add a learning moment or motivational content.

Add the answers to the questions. You can add as many answers as you want by clicking on “Add answer option”. Make sure to select the correct answer by checking the round circle next to the correct answer.

Select “Save changes” to add the measure knowledge question to your program.

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