Create/Edit a Code


There are 2 ways to create codes:

#1 - When in the Program Module, locate the Program you would like to create a code for.  To the far right, click "Options" - this will give you the choice to "Create Code".  Once you click Create Code, the system will show your system generated code.  You can view this code and/or make edits to the details in the Participants Module. 

#2 - When in the Client Portal, you will click on the “Participants” tab on the main page. This will open a new window for your Participant Module. On the top tool bar click “Codes” on the right side. The next screen shows you the current programs you have uploaded. Next to the program you want to create a code for, you will click on “Options” and choose – “Create New Code”. On this next screen you are asked for some additional required details:

  • Name (Program name recommended)
  • Code – This must be more than 6 characters, and cannot include symbols
  • Assigned licenses – How many licenses/participants are able to use this code? If you choose 'All Available' , please note this is limited to the amount of licenses you currently have available.
  • Code expiration date – How long is the code good for? Once the code has expired it cannot be used by participants to start the program
  • Program Start Date
  •     Start program at participant login – when the participant uses the code, the program starts sending the first Mindmarker
  •     Start program on specific date/time – when the participant uses the code, they will receive an email that training will start at the specified date/time assigned.
  • Choose your participant attributes
  •     Country, Region, Department, Job Type. (Region, Department, and Job type can be undefined).
  • Click “Save” and you’re done!

Now you can easily edit any code(s) you have created. On the main Participant Module page, click “Codes” on the top tool bar. There you will see the code that you previously created. Click on the code that you want to edit. Next, click on “Code Options” on the right side of the screen, highlighted in green. Choose “Edit Code” from the drop down menu options. You are now able to make any needed edits to the code. Be sure to click “Save” once complete.

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