I don't have or lost my registration code.


If you lost or don't remember your Registration code:

Please contact your manager/trainer or the person who originally distributed the code to you.

I have not received a registration code, but I was instructed to register for Mindmarker.

Check your email inbox for an 'invitation email' and follow the instructions in this email to activate your Mindmarker account. If you have not received an email from Mindmarker, please contact your manager/trainer.

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    I keep going around in circles on your site to test your app. To test I need a code to get a code I register, I register and get no code... what is the deal? Deleting your app again.

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    Jennifer Jurs

    Thank you for you message. I will contact you directly via email to provide further assistance.

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    Stephen Cournoyer

    I don’t see a code to register

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    Jennifer Jurs

    Thanks for you message Stephen. I see you are an active Mindmarker user, so you can simply login with your credentials in the app - there is no code needed.

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    María Eugenia Ferreira

    I didnt recive a code for my registration! Could you help me?

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