What are groups?


Groups are lists of participants that share common attributes. For instance, all participants from a certain classroom can be put in the same group. Groups can be used for monitoring, reporting and analyzing training results. Groups can be used in both the Participant Tool as well as the Analytical Tool. 

  • Pre-defined groups are created and managed only in the Mindmarker Participants Tool. Click the menu item “Groups”. Pre-defined groups are not related to your user account, but rather to the company. Other users with appropriate rights will be able to view and use pre-defined groups in both the Participant and Analytical Tools.  

  • To add a new group, on the top tool bar click “Groups” in the center. On the next screen, in the upper right corner, click the “+” button to add a new group. Name your group, and add a description if you would like. Click “Save” to complete.


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