The participant I just invited is not in my group


Please make sure at the time of inviting participants to select the group(s) you wish the participant to become part of. If you forget this for one or more participants during the invitation process, you are able to do this afterwards.

  • In the Participant Tool, click on ‘Edit Participant’ in the list of participants that can be seen on the Participant Overview page per program. On the Edit Participant screen, add the groups you wish the participant to be part of.
  • Another way of achieving this would be to go the group you wish the participant(s) to be part of and selecting “Manage participants”. Click the ‘plus’ icon on the top right of the screen to go to the ‘Add participants to group’ screen. All participants that are not part of this group yet will show in the list. At this screen it’s possible to add single or multiple participants to this group.
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