How to add Objectives to your program


To drive long-term behavior change your reinforcement program must be based on reinforcement objectives. Your program should include a series of well-balanced push and pull communication moments that focus on achieving each objective.

TIP: When defining your objectives, you must address the 5 reinforcement gaps. Closing each of these gaps is key to achieving your desired behavior change. For more information on how to determine your reinforcement objectives, please download our 10-step guide here.


Once you have created a program in the Program Module of the client portal, you are able to add Objectives. While in the created program, in the right corner you will see an icon to add your Objectives, as shown below.



On the next screen you will select the ‘+’ button in the right corner to add an Objective.

To create your Objective, simply create a  Title, add a Description, and select a color option to be associated with this objective. Once complete, select Save changes.  You have the ability to create as many Objectives for each program that you would like.




Adding a newly created Objective to a Mindmarker is easy! When in your Mindmarker, you will now see a drop down option for Objective. Click on this drop down to select from your list of created objectives. Once finished creating your Mindmarker, click Save Changes to confirm.




One you have added Objectives to your Mindmarkers, you will be able to easily view what Objectives are tied to what Mindmarkers in your List and Grid views of the program. As shown below.

List View



Grid View 





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