Creating your first Mindmarker


As you are creating your program, it is important to know that as a default moving forward, Day 1 will always be considered a Monday (Day 2 will always be a Tuesday, Day 3 a Wednesday and so on). As you are adding Mindmarkers, this will help you to better plan out where your Mindmarkers will fall during the week for participants.

For example, if participants register with a program code or they are set to receive an email invitation on a Wednesday, however, you have Mindmarkers created on Week 1 Days 1 and  3...the participants will receive the Mindmarkers for those 2 days when they start on Wednesday. After that, they will continue to receive the Mindmarkers as designed.

As always, we continue to suggest the creation of the first Mindmarker to be on Week 1 Day 1 at 1am so there's a "Welcome" Mindmarker ready and waiting for participants once they get started.

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