Adding a Program Switcher to your Program


Via the Mindmarker Client Portal you now have access to create/add program switchers to your programs. When a switcher is placed at the end of a program, it gives participants the option to select and automatically enroll in the next program that is offered to them. This cuts back on the need to invite participants as an “Existing User” to a new program, as they will be able to access the next program once they are complete with the first program.

  • Start in the Programs Module.
  • Click the Program you would like to add the Switcher to.
  • Click the ‘+’ icon to add a new Mindmarker (the Switcher) to the program.




  • Select Program Switcher from the list of possible Mindmarker’s to add.




  • Select the day/time that you want the switcher to go out on.  And Confirm.




  • Once in the switcher, select if you want the choice to be mandatory to participants.  Selecting Yes under Choice Mandatory? means that the participant MUST choose a program to move to next.
  • The next option to select is if you would like to Show program results?  Select Yes, if you are using the switcher at the end of your program.  This will provide the participant with their program results before moving on to the next program.  
  • In Description, populate the message you would like the participants to see as they are making their new program selection. (For example, "Congratulations. You have worked hard to apply the knowledge and skills learned in XYZ Program. Please select the module you would like to focus on next"). 
  • Finally, select which programs you would like to be shown as options to your participants.
  • Press Save Changes to confirm. 


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