How to add Resources to your Program


You are now able to upload Resources via the Mindmarker Client Portal. Resource files can consist of Image Files, PDFs, Audio and/or Video Files. You can also create Action Cards, which are 2 Images or PDFs that participants can view as a 'flip card' with a front and back.


  • Start in the Programs Module.
  • Click the Resources icon in the grey toolbar. 
  • Click the ‘+’ icon to add a new Category or select an already created category.
  • Notate if you want the Category to be on Company level (any participant enrolled in a program within the company has access to view these resources) or on Program level (only participants enrolled in that specific program have access to the these resource). *Note - Once a category is defined as Company level or Program level it cannot be updated. You will need to delete the category and start over if this is created incorrectly.
  • Create a Category title and add a description if available. After category is created you can add the resources.




  • Click the ‘+’ icon to add a new resource.
  • Select if you are adding a resource file (image, PDF, audio or video file) or an action card.
  • Add the resource title (required) and description (if desired) and select your resource file to attach.
  • Press Save Changes to complete.


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