How to add Resources to your Program


You can upload Resources via the Mindmarker Client Portal. Resource files can consist of Image Files, PDFs, Audio and/or Video Files. You can also create Action Cards, which are 2 Images (or you can use PDFs saved as images) that participants can view as a 'flip card' with a front and back.


  • Start in the Programs Module.
  • Click the Resources icon in the grey toolbar. 
  • Click the ‘+’ icon to add a new Category or select an already created category.
  • Notate if you want the Category to be on Company level (participants enrolled in any program within the company has access to view these resources) or on Program level (only participants enrolled in that specific program have access to these resources). *Note Once a category is defined as Company level or Program level it cannot be updated. You will need to delete the category and start over if this is created incorrectly.
  • Create a Category title and add a description (if available). After category is created you can add the resources.




  • Click the ‘+’ icon to add a new resource.
  • Select if you are adding a resource file (image, PDF, audio or video file) or an action card.
  • Add the resource title (required) and description (if desired) and select your resource file to attach.
  • View our media specs for size information.
  • Press Save Changes to complete.
  • Update or shift the order of your resources by clicking the up or down arrows to the left of the Type. This order will be reflected in the participants’ view.



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