How to leave comments on Mindmarkers


You now have the ability to comment on the individual Mindmarkers in your program. Ask questions, solicit feedback, and exchange comments with other admins in your portal and your Mindmarker Reinforcement Specialist. No need to fret, these comments are not visible to participants.  

The comment function allows you to:

  • Add comments for the Mindmarker team
  • Add comments for your internal admins
  • Delete completed/addressed comments
  • Structure comments with formatted text, bulleted lists, and even links

By design, we have added this functionality in 2 phases to be able to provide value to you right away.  Phase 1 is implementation of the comments section to provide instant value.  This is the reason there are no system notifications when a comment is made at this time. 

Phase 2 will include a notifications system alerting your internal admins, as well as the Mindmarker team, when and where a new comment has been made.  Until phase 2 is live, our suggestion is to keep track of what Mindmarkers you have made comments in and share this with your team and/or the Mindmarker team to be easily located and responded to.  

Please refer to the screenshots below on how to add comments in each of your Mindmarkers.






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